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Forming A Queue - Metal Prints

Forming A Queue - Metal Prints

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These art prints on metal are worth forming a queue for.

Forming a Queue seems to be a national pastime for the British.

It is one of the endearing qualities of our wonderful society. Let us hope it remains this way.

Next time you find yourself in a crowd just take a moment to look around you and see if you can spot your own queue of like minded people.

This particular crowd in a queue are printed in black silhouette on a sleek aluminium metal plate. They simply ouse with style.

Choose from 8 sizes of metal prints to suit your style and budget.

Each plate is backed by a metal frame which makes the whole print stand proud of the wall which makes it cast a shadow for added depth. 

And it gets better. The whole artfully crafted artwork is beautifully packaged and sent to you ready to hang.

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