McBride is an established British figurative artist renowned for his creativity, imagination and artistic expertise.

Choose from a diverse range of original acrylic paintings of real aesthetic value featuring figurative crowds of people in eventful situations or sublime genre landscapes by this respected Yorkshire-based artist. 

McBride's acrylic paintings vary in size from small framed paintings for intimate locations up to large unframed paintings on deep-edged box canvases for instant impact in larger homes.

McBride's mastery of technique is also available in a huge collection of affordable Art Prints is on various materials including paper and canvas.


All paintings and prints are sold with free delivery.

Free and PERSONAL delivery of original art within Yorkshire, UK

Because we value your patronage and because any purchase of original artwork is valuable, Neil is happy to personally deliver your original art purchases within god's own country of Yorkshire. We do love a day out!

You may also contact Neil directly by email because new artworks are constantly being created which may never appear on the website so you may drop lucky and get something fresh off the easel.

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"Thank you for visiting my website. This has been a personal labour of love for many years. I have learned the hard way and I am still tweaking the site to give you a pleasant experience. The convention for writing artist websites is to address you in the third person, which is fine if a little impersonal. So, I have started writing my product pages in the first person to reflect my personality.

Another important point is that my original work is measured in centimetres and the Open Edition prints are measured in inches just to confuse you. I do add metric measurements when I am in the mood which is not often. I am an artist after all" Neil McBride.

Run away with me and my imagination in every painting.

  • Dancing inspired art print on metal full of dancers making cool dance moves.

    New dance prints to put a spring in your step..

    An exciting new print strictly designed to keep you dancing . Have it on your wall within days!

    Dance-Off. Prints on canvas. 
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    Latest news, views, events and pure silliness to amuse, annoy and astound you. The views are all Ollie the dog's.

    From the McBride studio. 
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    Prints are now available to buy in Australia, Canada, EU, UK and USA

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