Collection: Art for lounge

Buying great art for your lounge means the colour scheme will follow by default.

Many people in the UK are buying art as an afterthought to fit in with an existing colour scheme in their lounge room.

There is nothing wrong with that except it is very restrictive. It limits you to art choices based mainly on colour which is a shame because it also limits your choice of subjects too.

Why not think like the great art collectors of the world and buy a beautiful original painting first and then decorate your room around the art.

Art for art's sake.

Think about it. You will get the art you love without compromise and the artist gives you a ready made colour scheme to work with. Result!

And remember; art in the form of larger original paintings can transform a lounge room and make the task of decorating so much easier.

Take a look at the selection of paintings below and put the art back into your home.