Collection: Contemporary wall art canvas

A mixed selection of original paintings and prints on canvas from the artist's studio.

And it is all the work of one artist based in North Yorkshire in the UK.

The prints give you the same visual impact in a room as the original paintings but at a much lower cost. If your available budget is the deciding factor and you simply want canvas wall art to enhance your current decor at a reasonable cost then this is the perfect solution.

Original paintings on canvas are preferred by people who are looking for a longer term investment and love the art in its own right, often making the decoration work around their paintings to create a stylish interior.

Original paintings can often prove to be a valuable investment if you are lucky enough to invest in artists who's work appreciates in value over time. There is no magic formula to choosing the best artists to buy for investment so it is always best to just invest your hard earned cash in the art that you like. Especially if you intend to live with it for a long time!

This mix of artworks includes pictures of crowds of people, landscapes, townscapes and coastal scenes of the North Yorkshire area.

The original art is available on canvases up to 91centimetres square and some of the wall art canvas prints are available up to a huge 1 metre or 40 inches wide!

All this wall art is produced here in the UK for speedy delivery to your home or office within a few days.