Collection: Local Yorkshire artists

If you are looking for an artist local to Yorkshire but with something to say about the world please read on.

The Yorkshire landscape and the characterful Yorkshire people are inspiration enough for many artists but Neil McBride looks far beyond the region to create original contemporary paintings and art prints which trigger the imagination of his art enthusiasts and collectors.

"I have experimented with different styles and subjects over the years. My current body of work features crowds of people in eventful situations of a generally upbeat and positive kind"

This means that you will find a genius selection of paintings which you will surely lose yourself in. The paintings are truly contemporary in style and sit comfortably in any contemporary interiors.

But the real benefit is that there are paintings covering a myriad of life events which collectors respond to on a personal, nostalgic level which is very reassuring.

In the online Shop you will find a large Collection of affordable Open Edition Art Prints  on various materials from paper to metal plus a small selection of Original Paintings mainly of crowds of people at the moment.

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