Collection: Metal posters from UK artist Neil McBride

Metal posters for UK delivery in 6 working days on average.

Metal posters printed in the UK for posterity from the art collection of Neil McBride
Two metal prints proudly displayed in a London apartment.

This extensive output of artwork from the original McBride art collection is now printed on aluminium posters for posterity.

Each art poster is reproduced from an eclectic mix of landscapes, townscapes and crowds of people paintings produced in the past decade and beyond.

The durable, super glossy, finish of these metal prints makes them ideal for bathroom and kitchen situations if you be nice to them.

They will not absorb moisture or rust but we do not recommend soaking them because do not shrink either!

Every metal print is cleverly set proud of your wall by the attachment of a deep hidden frame. 

All prints are delivered ready to hang straight out of the box.

And you can expect delivery in 6 working days on average!