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Neil McBride Art

Cloud Burst - original weather painting

Cloud Burst - original weather painting

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A little rain helps you appreciate the sunshine.

This dark and gloomy art was inspired by the uplifting monochrome paintings of Cy Twombly. His paintings are beautifully expressive and full of life. 

At the time I was heavily into creating my paintings of crowds of people and was looking for places for my people to populate and up pops Twombly.

Well, when an idea pops in, you simply have to work it out so here we are.

I love it personally but it has not been given much of an airing because the commercial galleries I show in don't always like to test the water with new and more challenging work.

Today, I was scanning my archives for work to include in my monochrome paintings collection and came across this painting which has been languishing there for about seven years.

So, this dark, blustery, wet, windy, rainy, bracing, elemental, monochrome painting is finally being offered for sale.

You lucky people!

Size: 61 x 61 x 3.5cm

Acrylic on canvas.

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