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Neil McBride Art

Lost in Franz original painting on canvas

Lost in Franz original painting on canvas

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Not quite Franz Kline but a homage to the great paintings of this giant of abstract expressionist painters.

To achieve this fast and loose looking brushwork is actually painstakingly slow and deliberate.

"I first saw an original Franz Kline painting at Tate Britain in 1969 and it completely blew me away. I saw the same painting at Tate Liverpool in 2017 and it still made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck" NM

At only 61cm (2ft) Lost in Franz is a tiny painting compared to a Kline but hopefully has an essence of a Kline painting.

"Kline always reminds me of New York and New York reminds me of crowds of people dwarfed by massive buildings so I hope you will forgive the intrusion" NM

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