Collection: Contemporary paintings created by UK painter Neil McBride.

McBride's focus is on the creation of paintings of crowds of people in eventful situations.

Any apparent narrative in the paintings is purely incidental because McBride rarely sets out to create a painting of a given event. That would constitute an illustration of an event.

In fact, each of the paintings take on a life of their own as they develop through the process of painting.

Much as a novelist may develop a story on the fly, McBride develops any events which present themselves as the painting unfolds.

Life has a beginning and an end and we have limited control over the events played out during its course so it is logical to accept that the painting of a crowd of people can take the same unchartered course during its creation. The only difference is that a painting can subsequently continue with a tangible after life as part of a contemporary art collection.

In short, people come and go, institutions come and go, love comes and goes but great art endures. 

Of course you can still see Neil's paintings for sale at a small selection of 'bricks and mortar' galleries around regions of the UK.

Please email Neil for details. Otherwise, simply sit back and start clicking to find your own favourite painting.

The perfect way to start your own contemporary paintings collection in the UK.