Collection: Northern artists

Northern artists may live and work in very different environments across the breadth of northern England but they have one thing in common – true grit and determination!

Everybody knows the stories behind the rise to fame of Hepworth, Hirst, Hockney, Lowry and Moore. How they rode the path of disdain and disbelief whenever they produced seminal works that had never been seen and verified before.

It is the same for lesser known northern artists, like myself, who are not afraid to try something new and plow their own furrow.

Yes, much of my output is safe and predictable because I like to eat but it never stops me painting and experimenting with new ideas and techniques which never reach the gallery walls. Maybe it is time to rummage in the studio stacks and put on a different kind of show now that commercial pressures are not so great.

Meanwhile, please take a look at what is on offer today and come back in 5 years time to see the difference a bit of determination and true northern grit can produce.

Neil McBride
August 2020